Cooking Classes

2012 Cooking Class Schedule

All cooking classes are on Saturday beginning at 10:00 am

Classes typically last 3 hours

Minimum 6 people, unless otherwise noted

Made in Spain –- July 14 – $85.00 per person – Minimum 8 people

Summertime is a great chance to celebrate with a traditional Spanish fiesta. Start your day with some sangria and tapas. Enjoy the iconic chilled tomato soup, gazpacho. Make rustic paella over the open fire and for dessert, the famous Crema Catalana.

Pasta Perfection –- August 11 – $65.00 per person

A life changing experience, learn to make fresh pasta at home. See how something so simple can be so amazing and change the way you look at pasta forever. Dry pasta does have its place, however, today we celebrate the world of fresh noodles, stuffed pasta and gnocchi.

Tweet Up @patowmackfarm, an interactive opportunity –- minimum 8 people

Class tentatively set for September 15 – cost to be determined

Between now and August 31, tweet Chef Chris @patowmackchef your ideas for a cooking class you would like to participate in. The most popular recommendation will be selected and he will specifically tailor the class per your request. Follow chef on twitter@patowmackchef and @patowmackfarm for updates.

The Perfect Pairing –- October 20 – $100.00 per person

Celebrate Loudoun wines and regional food specialties. Open your palate and mind to a new tasting experience with Chef Chris and his unique pairing style. One of our favorite classes, you will have an amazing lunch and surely learn the who’s, why’s, what’s and how’s of wine pairing.

Macaroon Mania –- November 3 – $55.00 per person

The benchmark of a French patisserie, this delicate cookie sandwich is the object of admiration anywhere you choose to take it. That is only if you can them there before eating them all. Our pastry chef will teach you the primary technique, the meringue, and then after plenty of practice, explore the many possible flavors and fillings,

December 1 –- le Bouche de Noel – $55.00 per person

Bring the children! Make our own Yule log cake, from scratch. Learn all the tricks for decorating it in your own personal creative style. It will make a great centerpiece for holiday meals and more importantly, it is a fun family activity!


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